About us

Inside Creative AS is a design company that focuses mainly on web development and everything to do with the web. The company is run by Trond Husø, who has been developing websites since the late 1990s. We are based in Mysen in Østfold county in Indre Østfold municipality in Norway.

What do we do

We create websites and online solutions for our customers. Inside Creative also offers services in content (text and photo), search engine optimization and graphic design.

Our main niche is the sports market. This is because we have good knowledge within this niche. It does not mean that we do not design and develop solutions for companies or organizations that have nothing to do with sport.

We use WordPress when developing websites and Laravel when we develop advanced web solutions for customers. Our company has developed various websites for clients.

When we develop websites, we follow a workflow. It starts with us creating a website map. This process tells us and our client which pages we envision and which pages the website needs.

After the customer has approved this map, we start with a rough sketch of the website to be built. The rough sketch tells the customer and us which elements should be in place on the website.

Once the sketch is approved, we start prototyping the website. This step will show the customer how the website will look. If the customer has no Design System or Guidelines to be used, this is something we look at in this step. This is important so that the website has a uniform look and that the page does not differ from other designs the company or organization has.

Why should you choose us?

We want our solutions to improve sport. Our websites should help the sports organization convey its passion and pride. The websites must also have solutions that solve the challenges the organization may have.

We also strongly believe in developing from scratch and not using extensions (plugins). Often we see that websites have used an extension to solve another problem another extension introduced. And so it continues.

When we create something from scratch, we solve our customer’s challenge and we also experience that the solution enables the customer to work effectively with the website. Our solution will also be experienced as fast on the front end.