Does your website measure up

What do I mean by “does your website measure up”? Yes. Have you gone website a measurable task. And does it reach this goal?

Our website has several tasks. One being an information channel for those looking for a provider of websites or other services we provide. Another task is to be a lead generator, or a contact generator. A third task can be to actually give us a concrete.

Measurable tasks

It doesn’t help just to give the website a couple of tasks. They must be measurable as well. The task “to be an information channel” is not specific, therefor we must define a goal. So, we say we want 100 visits a month and we want visitors to spend one minute or more on average.

As a result, our task now has been assigned a target. And it is measurable. With analysis tools such as Google Analytics, for example, we can see how many visitors we have on the page. The analysis tool also tells us which pages are read the most.

We can also add one more goal: We will publish 1-2 articles a month. It is also measurable. In the administration tool of WordPress, we can see how many articles we have written and we can also see how many people have read them.

We will then find out if the your website measures up.

Get in touch with the users

The website is not just a showcase. It is also your opportunity to get in touch with those who visit “you”. You can imagine the website as your physical office, only in the cloud.

Imagine that 100 people walk outside your office every month. You recognize 50 percent of them. They’ve walked past your office before.

This is in and of itself also on the internet. Analytics tools can tell you that of the 100 visitors to your website, half have been there before.

People walking outside your office can come in if you tell them outside that you are sitting there and tell them a little about what you do. You must also create this possibility on a website.

Make contact easy

That is why it is important to have some form of contact option on your website. And it’s not enough just to have a link to your e-mail address. Links are not always so easy to measure either.

Firstly, such a link is preferably at the bottom of the page. Secondly, the link is preferably together with other links.

We therefore recommend a form on the vast majority of pages. The form must be specific in relation to why the user should fill it in. It also makes it easier for you to set a goal for the form and follow the development.

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