Hvordan vi utvikler nettsider

How we develop websites

We develop websites using WordPress and follow a standard process. For more complicated web applications we use Laravel.

Inside Creative AS develops websites (solutions) mainly through the use of WordPress. When the White House thinks WordPress is good enough, it’s good enough for us too. We also have the expertise to create very special solutions for our customers. Then we use the PHP framework Laravel.

Our developer, Trond Husø, has developed websites and online solutions since the late 1990s. He has also created solutions to produce content on websites. This was before WordPress existed. In addition, he has developed other advanced solutions for customers.

Sketches and prototypes

Before we even program a line of code, we start by making sketches and prototypes. We have seen over time that this is a good way of working.

Firstly, we are able to capture functions that your company needs. Next, we see what graphic elements are needed, and whether this is something you have, or whether our designer, Jacob Leslie, has to produce – or whether it is something that actually needs to be bought.

We don’t spend very long on prototypes and sketches, which also means that you can quickly see what the final product will look like.

WordPress for your website

When we create websites using WordPress, we do not use ready-made themes or templates. The reason for this is that we often see that the templates do not completely satisfy the needs of you as a customer, and that we very often spend a lot of time correcting and maintaining these templates. Instead, we spend the time developing something you actually want and which should also be easy to manage.

We also do not use additional modules (plugins) that would make it easier for us to design your website. We have made this choice because the design is entered into databases, which leads to extra time. This in turn will cause the website to feel slow. We also believe that pages created in this way are perceived as difficult for customers to manage.

We are concerned with coding everything from scratch and in the right way.


Sometimes WordPress is not good enough. Although WordPress is a very good platform, it also has its limitations. In such cases we use the PHP framework Laravel. After programming with PHP for almost 20 years, we believe that Laravel is the best framework for PHP. There have been many frameworks that have been developed for PHP, but none are as good as Laravel.

We have developed special solutions for our sister company Inside Sport, namely The Anti-Doping Database. This was made in 2005 and has subsequently been upgraded several times.

We have also developed a website solution for Nyhetsgrafikk.no where the publishing system retrieved all information from PDF files. The system also contains a distribution solution for their graphics.

For another customer, we developed a job overview system. The system was intended as an emergency solution and has today been replaced by a new one that they developed internally.

Don’t be afraid to contact us for complicated systems. We dare to take hold of most things.

We have also developed websites and applications on Windows servers. Then we use C# and the .Net framework, as well as SQL servers as a database.