We can contribute with content production within text and photography to be used anywhere in your organization.

Content is important. Without content, your website or your publication is not very interesting. We can contribute with content production within text and photography.

Our copywriter has a background as a journalist at Avisenes Nyhetsbyrå (ANB) and Norsk Telegrambyrå (NTB). He has also worked as a photographer at ANB and has been employed as a freelancer at Romerikes Blad. You can therefore be sure that the content that is produced is of high quality.

We look at the whole when we produce text or photos for you. The texts will therefore be carefully adapted to search engine optimization. The same applies to the images, which will then be named and will contain meta information that matches the page the image will be on.

We also collaborate with others who can assist us if there is other content you need.

Contact us for offers in content production. Then we will also tell you more about how we work.

About our copywriter and photographer

Our copywriter and photographer has worked as an all-round journalist and sports journalist in several Norwegian media. He has covered sports events such as the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and several Alpine World Championships. He has also photographed for Romerikes Blad and other publications.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, he published the magazine Spokesmen BMX Magasin, which was a Nordic magazine for BMX cyclists. Here he produced most of the content, as well as sold advertisements.