We think about the entire organisation’s graphic presentation and profile when we deliver services in graphic design.

Branding, or branding as the English word is, is important to keep in mind when creating your visual identity. We envision how their graphic expression will be displayed on various platforms and surfaces. This way you get an expression that is similar on your website, in your advertisements and other printed matter.

Because we are a small agency, our entire organization is involved when we work with your graphic profile. In this way, the process receives input from several disciplines, which we believe offers some advantages. Among other things, a web designer can know a bit more about how to create a profile online rather than in a directory. A marketer will provide valuable information about how he or she envisions your profile in an ad or on a billboard.

About our graphic designer

Our graphic designer has more than ten years of experience in developing graphic profiles for his customers. He can offer designs that cover all surfaces – be it in print, on signs or on a digital platform. Together with over 20 years of experience in website development, we can create a total package for your brand on all surfaces.