We assist your organization or company with search engine optimization of your website. Let us help you get found online.

Search engine optimization is not something we do once, but something we do on a regular basis. The search engine companies make several thousand changes to their algorithms every year and we do what we can to keep up with these.

It is important that search engine optimization does not become something that is done randomly and haphazardly. This is exactly why we have this process when we develop websites for our customers. Building a website today requires a lot of resources and time. Then it is unfortunate that the product, your company or your organization is not found by the search engines.

A few years ago, we were commissioned to optimize the website for The Anti-Doping Database. It turned out that the site did not appear on the most natural searches. After we had worked on the website, the website now appears on the first page for several of the search terms.

With our background in technology and text, we believe that we are well placed to assist your company in being found online. Our long experience with website development has given us valuable information that will benefit you.

We know how websites should be filled with content and keywords so that their page is found and indexed by the search engines.

Inside Creative only uses ethical techniques when we optimize your website. There are companies that use algorithms to manipulate the indexing of the website.

These search engines exist today:

Google – has the majority of all traffic
Bing – The second largest
Yahoo! – One of the oldest search engines
Kvasir – Norwegian search engine
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