Web developer

Why do we develop websites with PHP?

We have used many programming languages ​​over the years that we have solutions for customers. But when it comes to websites, we use PHP. The reason for that is that the language works very well for web development. Perhaps not so strange. It was precisely for programming dynamic websites that the language was developed for.

In 1994, Danish-Canadian Rasmus Lerdorf started work on the language. Until then, programmers used either Perl or C to program web pages that retrieved content from text files or databases. With PHP and mySQL that came the following year (1995), things became easier.

Before we started with PHP, we used what is today called classic ASP (Active Server Pages from Microsoft). The data for the dynamic websites was stored in Access databases, and these databases were uploaded to the server. ASP also worked, but PHP – as the language was adapted to web development – worked better. That’s why we went over.

In recent years, we have switched to using the Laravel framework. This provides many benefits and is one of the best frameworks for PHP. We may use other technologies, but our preferred choice is the platform we use now.

We also do system development in PHP. First of all, if the website is on a linux server, is written in the same language and it is important to reuse code. On Windows servers, we use the .Net framework and the C# language.